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Working Hours

This feature enables you to configure or set the working days and timings of the office.
On the working hour's screen, you can

  • Either set the same timing for each day or different timing for each day based on the business needs.
  • Configure a default bounce-back message sent in response to customer messages received during out-of-office hours (OOO).
    These messages are displayed in the chat space when a customer sends a message during out-of-office hours of agents. These messages will be reflected in the Chat History and the Reports sections.

The agent is notified if the out-of-office messages are active because the messages can be turned off, but the OOO settings are active. The notification is displayed on the top of the chat header. Refer to the image below.


To set working hours for a team

  1. Go to Customer Care Console > Settings > Configure > Working Hours.
  1. Select Same timings for all selected days or Different timings for selected days radio button based on the business need.
  2. If you select Same timings for all selected days radio button, the timings entered will be applicable to the selected days. Otherwise, you can use the existing default timings 00:00 to 23:59 from Monday to Sunday.
  3. Select the Working Days, and set the Office Timings by clicking on the Clock icon. The Choose Time pop-up window is displayed.
  4. Turn on All Day toggle, to make agents available 24 hours a day.
  1. Select Different timings for selected days radio button to configure separate timing for each day of the week based on the business need.
  1. Select the Working Days for which the timing needs to be configured.
  2. Set the start and end office timings by clicking in the respective fields.
  3. Turn on the All Day toggle to make the agents available 24*7 on the selected day.
    When you turn on All Day toggle, the time fields will disappear.
  1. Select a time zone from the Time Zone drop-down list.
  2. Select Send an auto response during non-working hours checkbox.
  1. Enter the customized message that needs to be sent to the customer during out-of-office hours in the given text box.
  2. Click Save Changes to save the settings. A confirmation message appears on the screen.



When a chat is active, the application restricts the OOO messages, and customers will not receive OOO messages even when the Send an auto response during non-working hours checkbox is selected.

Force Turn-Off Console

The team manager has the privilege to override the configured office hours and time settings through the force turn-off console* feature.
Swipe the toggle switch in the top-right corner of the page to forcefully shut down the chat service for an indefinite period (Example: Holidays, or Other Major Events).
During this period, the configured OOO message is sent to all the customers in response to their messages.
The team manager can restart the chat service by disabling the Force Turn-Off option.