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Facebook Template Report

Action templates are used when a quick response is needed from the customer. The message is sent with Images and Buttons, wherein the customer can respond with a button click.

The Facebook Template Report enables the team managers and analysts to search for an agent (using ID) and view the action templates that the agent has used. A graphical representation of the sent templates with a detailed breakup will be provided.

To download the Facebook template report,

  1. Navigate to Customer Care Console > Reports > Facebook Template Report.
  1. Select the "From Date" and "To Date" from the given calendars under Show activity between field.
  2. Select the "Agent Name" from the drop-down list.
  3. Click "Generate Report" to display the results on the interface.

The following details of Facebook templates are displayed on the screen:

  • Template ID: Specifies the Unique ID of the templates.
  • Facebook Page: Specifies the Facebook page name.
  • Message Content: Specifies the composed message in the template.
  1. Click "Download Report" icon to download the report in .csv format.