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The client admins can manage tenant-level assets such as channel assets, social listening sources, templates, and API keys.

Channel Assets

Client admins can configure official Facebook Pages, Twitter Handles, Apple Messages for Business, WhatsApp, Email Accounts, and Livechat (Webchat) Widgets to be used for extending customer support. Webex Engage application enables the agents to receive and view messages sent by customers through Facebook Messenger, Twitter handles, Apple Messages for Business, WhatsApp, SMS, and Email channels. Chats initiated by the customers are automatically given a Chat ID by the Webex Engage application and are displayed in the common queue.

Client admins can add channel assets and also share these assets among the teams under the tenant. They can only create assets for channels that have been enabled for a specific tenant.

For more information about configuring a channel asset, please refer the Channel Assets section.



  • Only IMImobile, has the ability to enable/disable channels for a tenant.

  • An asset could be an SMS short code/long code, a Facebook Page, an Apple Messages for Business, a Webchat Widget, a WhatsApp Number, a Twitter Page or an Email Account.

  • An SMS short code/long code cannot be added from Webex Engage application. Please reach out to IMImobile to get an SMS short code or long code configured.