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You can trigger configured customer and agent surveys from the Customer Care console Surveys screen.

Customer Surveys

After configuring a customer survey on the Admin Console (Assets > Surveys), the configured teams will be notified with a bell notification. You will be navigated to the surveys section (settings > manage) when you click the bell notification. Here, you can trigger different (i.e., manual or automatic) triggers for each channel on a need basis.


The following procedure guides you to trigger a survey:
When the users click on the notification, they will be redirected to the surveys screen (Settings>Manage>Surveys) or administrative users can directly navigate to the Surveys screen and trigger a survey.


How to trigger a customer survey?

To trigger a customer survey, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Customer Care console>Settings>Manage>Surveys .
  1. Click Edit icon in the Action column of a survey.
    You will navigate to the Questionnaire tab and view list of questions that were configured in the Client Admin console.
  1. Click Asset Configuration tab.
  1. Click the Settings icon in the Action column of a specific channel.
  2. To enable a survey for an asset, turn ON the toggle available in the first column of the results table.

The following screen appears.

  1. Select the Ask end user's permission before initating the survey checkbox to prompt users whether they wish to take a survey after the conversation.
  2. Configure Confirmation and Skip survey button text.
  1. Select a trigger condition.
  2. You can trigger a Survey Automatically or Manually by the Agent.
  3. If you select Trigger Survey Automatically radio button, select when to fire the survey from the Fire When drop-down list.
  4. Select Trigger Survey for Auto-close Chats checkbox to initiate survey for auto-close chats.
  5. Select Trigger Survey Manually by the Agent radio button, to trigger a survey manually by the agent anytime during a conversation. A new action is displayed under the Actions menu on the agent console.
  1. You can choose Cancel or Save Setting or Save and Activate buttons.
    Save Setting: Click this button to save the trigger settings and enable it later.
    Save and Activate: Click this button to save and activate a survey immediately. This action automatically enables the toggle button of the respective survey on the Surveys screen.
  2. Once activated, all channels except for Livechat, the survey is delivered as a link which customers can visit and take part in the survey. An illustration of the customer experience on Facebook messenger is shown below::

LiveChat Widget Preview

After triggering a survey, you can choose to preview the pre, during, and post-chat survey journeys on both LiveChat and Web Page.


Prompt: Displays a formal invite for the customer to take up a survey.

Survey: Displays list of questions configured for a survey.

Submission: Displays a thank you message for the customer for taking up the survey.

Web Page Survey


Web Page Submission


How to trigger an agent survey?

To trigger an agent survey, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Customer Care console>Settings>Manage>Surveys.
  1. Click Agent Surveys tab.
  1. You can turn ON the Allow agents to skip survey toggle to provide an option for the agents to skip survey on the Close Chat pop-up window.
  2. You can activate only one survey per team. The application throws an alert message and asks for a confirmation when you try to assign a survey for a team with an active agent survey already assigned.
  1. To activate a survey, Turn ON the toggle available in the first column of the survey results table.
  2. You can click the Eye icon in the Action column of a survey to view the configured questionnaire along with the survey preview.
  1. Click Preview tab to view the survey preview.

Agents will view the survey configured for a team below the close chat outcome field on the Close the chat screen. The application will not allow the agent to close the chat without addressing all the mandatory questions of the survey.