Group Admin

The group admin is the next hierarchy of the administrative user after the client admin on the Webex Engage application.

The group admin has access to the below features on Webex Engage:

  • Dashboard with team-level pending chats
  • List of groups for which he/she is assigned as a group admin
  • Adding a customer care executive (live agent/analyst/team manager) to a team



The client admin and group admin can impersonate the customer care executive users by navigating to the Chat Console.

The group admin can manage following modules:

  • Dashboard
  • Groups
  • Users


The group admin has access to a dashboard that shows a list of chats awaiting agent’s reply across all the groups that the group admin is part of.



The group admins can only view a list of groups to which they are assigned to as a group admin.
They do not have access permissions to add/edit/delete other groups or teams.


Group Admins List

Click information icon (i), to view the list of group admins assigned to each group.



The group admin can manage Customer Care Executive users (Team Manager, Agent and Analyst) within the groups that the group admin has been added to.

In the user's list, click View to view the user details.


Add User

Follow these steps to add a user:

  1. Navigate to users screen and click Add Users on the top-right corner.
    The following screen appears.
  2. Enter the Basic Details, Business Details, and Credentials.
  1. Click Add Roles to display Add Roles screen.
    a. Select the Role Type as Customer Care.
    b. Select the Role as Agent/Analyst/Team Manager.
    c. Select the Team Name (Multiples teams can be added).
  1. Click Save on the add roles pop-up window.
  2. Click Submit to save the user details.
    The success message appears on the screen.