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Inter-team Chat Notifications

Webex Engage allows Team Managers and Admins to add agents to multiple teams. Agents can multitask and handle chats in different teams at the same time. However, an agent has to switch between teams to do so. Inter-team chat notifications come in handy to keep agents notified of any conversations that need their attention in other teams. The Bell icon on the top-right corner of the chat console provides notifications to the agents when a chat is awaiting the agent's response in another team.


Viewing Notifications

The number on the bell icon represents the number of chats awaiting the agent's response in other teams. Clicking on the bell icon displays the details about the team in which either a new chat is assigned to the agent or new messages have been received in chats already been assigned to the agent. Clicking on the actual notification takes the agent to the respective team from where they can respond to the customers.


Clearing Notifications

Agents can clear notifications in following ways:

  1. An agent can click Clear All link within My Notifications to clear all the notifications.
  2. An agent can click on notification and navigate to the team that needs agent's attention. If an agent manually navigates to another team (using the team toggle option on the top-right-corner of the chat console), all the notifications pertaining to unread messages or new chats of the new team will be cleared.

For example: If an agent is logged in to Team A and has received 2 notifications from Team B. If the agent manually navigates to Team B and then comes back to Team A, the notifications from Team B will be automatically cleared by the system. This is because we assume that if an agent navigates to a team and comes back, he/she would have read new messages in that team.



All notifications persist only within the current login session of the agent. Once the agent logs out of the platform, all notifications will be cleared irrespective of whether the agent has read them or not.