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Welcome to the new Admin Console for Webex Engage. With the latest React version, you'll enjoy an intuitive, fast, scalable, and robust user interface. This guide offers an overview of the latest Webex Engage enhancements and explains the benefits of using these advanced features.

What's New

What's new section lists the advantages of using the enhanced Webex Engage features:

  • Fresh look: A new and modern look that aligns with Cisco standards with a brand new logo, colour schema, and application layout.
  • Quick navigation: Navigating through the menus and sub-menus is now faster. The unique collapsible view of the left menu with a drill-down approach up to three levels paves a path for shorter navigation time.
  • Focus view : A user-friendly working space. The new sidebar with hide and view left menu icons provides more screen space required during the focus hours.
  • Better performance: The latest version uses the React library, ensuring faster load times, better user experience, and higher application performance.
  • Intuitive tables: Rendering of data in tables is now quicker. The new table structure is user-friendly, with filtering capabilities that allow you to filter and sort tables with respect to any column.
  • Table filters: Better user control by allowing you to filter tables with intuitive AND/OR filters.
  • Interactive admin dashboard: New clickable cards with relevant metrics for selected teams. View charts and tables for a particular metric and easily switch between metrics.
  • Additional permissions for Group administrators: Ability to manage teams and group-level tags.
  • Add teams quickly: The Add floating button available on the bottom-right corner of the admin console is removed. Instead, users can add teams and groups directly from the respective groups and teams screens.
  • Fixed bottom bar: A fixed save button bar is always visible on the screen without scrolling to the end of the page. This button provides a faster call to action for users.
  • Notifications: A new inline error with each user input will help the user recognize mistakes faster and improve efficiency.
  • Consistency among components: With the help of the React library, we have maintained consistency among drop-downs, toggle buttons, tables, tabs, user feedback notifications, and errors. Consistency provides a memorable experience for the users so they can rely on recognition over recall.
  • Cross-launch: Whether it's admin or customer care console, users can cross-launch into the React application with just a button click.