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Key Features

Multi-Channel Support

  • Unified conversations across multiple channels such as SMS, Facebook, LiveChat, Twitter (Direct Messages and Public Messages), Email, WhatsApp, API, and Apple Messages for Business.
  • Provision to share channel assets (SMS Long Code/Short Code, Facebook Page, Email Account, Twitter Account, WhatsApp Mobile Number, Apple ID, and LiveChat Widget) across multiple teams.

Role Based Access

Webex Engage supports multiple roles, each with access to specific modules and features within the product.

  • Administrative users: Administration activities are carried out by the client administrator and group administrator user roles.
  • Customer care executives: Customer care executive activities are carried out by the team manager, live agent, virtual agent, and analyst user roles.

Agent Console Features

  • One easy-to-use interface to display a threaded view of the conversation.
  • Predefined templates to maintain consistency in responses.
  • Provision for agents to pick or transfer single or multiple chats.
  • Provision for agents to trigger a survey for the customers during the conversation.
  • Ability for agents to send chat transcripts to the configured email ids.
  • Support for emojis on all the channels supported by the Webex Engage application.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for loading templates and sending a message.
  • Support for attachments on Facebook, LiveChat, Email, API/Generic, Apple Messages for Business, and WhatsApp channels.
  • Typing indicators on the Facebook, Apple Messages for Business, and LiveChat channels.
  • Browser and sound notifications for chat assignments, chat movement from My Chats, new messages, and supervisor action events.
  • Ability to submit agent surveys.
  • View agent surveys in the private feed and chat history and reopened chats on the conversation pane.
  • Monitor social media (Twitter and Facebook) posts.
  • View public feed to enable agents to view complete conversations handled along with the status of the feed items.
    (unattended, replied, closed).
  • Provision for agents to tag chats to give context to the conversations handled.
  • Chat notes enable agents to summarize customer queries or include important information from a conversation.
  • Use events (manually triggered by agents) and Rules (automatically triggered based on system events) to fetch data from or post data to external systems on demand.
  • Provision for custom fields.

Customer Profile Management

Provision for agents to merge profiles of customers across different channels.

Team Manager Features

  • Manage customer care executive users.
  • Add and bulk upload customer profiles.
  • Configure team-level daily or weekly schedules and accept chats only during business hours.
  • Broadcast bulk messages to customers or bulk assign chats (on only SMS channels) to agents.
  • Configure keywords that the customers can message to enter the Do-Not-Disturb (DND) List.
  • Configure blocklists with words that agents must refrain from using in conversations.
  • Manage all chat panel settings.
  • Supervise chats to monitor real-time conversations.
  • View real-time chat metrics to boost productivity.


  • View real-time agent activity and pending messages for a team.
  • Quick access to trend charts allows team managers to analyze and compare team performance.
  • Generate and download different agent performance and customer contact history report to analyze, manage, and improve customer service.
  • Schedule reports and share them over email to configured email IDs on a daily/weekly basis- View, search, and download survey reports.