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Chat Outcomes

You can configure and manage outcomes that need to be assigned to a chat while closing it on the Chat Outcomes screen. The agent will be prompted to assign an outcome to a chat while closing.


You can perform following actions on the Chat Outcomes screen:

  • Add a Chat Outcome
  • Disable a Chat Outcome
  • Enable/Disable Chat Outcome Feature

Add a Chat Outcome

To configure a chat outcome, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the required outcome in the text field under Active section.
  1. Click Add Outcome.
    A confirmation message appears on the screen.
    The newly configured chat outcome is added to the active list of chat outcomes.

Activate/Disable Chat Outcomes

To disable a chat outcome, click Disable icon adjacent to the phrase in the Active section (to move the outcome phrase to the Disabled section).

To Activate a Chat Outcome, click Add icon adjacent to the phrase in the "Disabled" section (to move the outcome phrase to the Active section).

Enable/Disable Chat Outcome Feature

You can enable the ON/OFF Chat Outcome toggle available on the screen's top-right corner of the Chat Outcomes screen based on the team's requirement to view the chat outcomes on the Log out screen.


Chat Outcomes on Chat Console

When the on/off chat outcome setting is enabled for a team, the chat outcomes are displayed in the Select Reason drop-down list while closing the chat. Agents can select one of the configured reasons while closing the chat.