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To make a set of tags available across all teams, client admins can configure tenant-level tags. These tags will be available by default in all the teams and cannot be disabled by the team managers in individual teams. Tenant-level tags also facilitate tagging of chats. When a chat is created using Webex Engage's APIs, only tenant-level tags can be used in the API parameters.

Add a Tag

Follow these steps to add a tag:

  1. Navigate to Admin Console > Settings > Tags.
  1. Enter Tag Name and click Add Tag.
  1. Click Save Changes.
    Once added, the tag will be available in all the teams in active mode.

Disable a Tag

To disable an Active Tag, click Delete icon beside a tag in the Active Tag section and click Save Changes. This tag is deleted from the Active Tag section and moved to Inactive Tag section.

Re-activate a Tag

To activate an inactive tag, click + icon beside a tag in inactive tags section and click Save Changes. The tag will be moved to Active Tag section.